Types of Cycling Accidents

Cycling is at an all time high

Cycling is big news. Wiggins, Hoy, Froome, Cavendish and Pendleton have become household names.

The popularity of road cycling and mountain biking is at an all-time high. Local Councils have made greater provisions for cyclists with the introduction of more cycle lanes and routes. Off road dedicated biking parks are becoming more common and popular.

Unfortunately, as a consequence, there are a greater number of cyclists at risk of serious injury in cycling related accidents.

What has happened to you?

Accidents can happen to any cyclist regardless of whether they are leisure, commuter or competitive rider and can be caused, for example, by:

  • other vehicles on the road;
  • pedestrians;
  • animals in the road;
  • dangerous road surfaces (potholes, broken drain covers, debris or spillages);
  • poor cycling lane or off-road trail design;
  • faulty repairs carried out by a cycle shop;
  • defective frames and components.

How we can help

Injuries sustained in cycling accidents can be serious and our bike lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to help all cyclists from those with life changing head injuries or spinal injuries, through to broken bones, knee pain and bumps and bruises.

We can also advise you upon and help recover your financial losses, including any loss of earnings or costs to repair the damage to your bicycle.

Help make cycling safer

Hardly a week goes by without reports of an injury or death due to cycling accidents in London and the rest of the country. Keeping cyclists safe has moved up the political agenda. By taking action you can help by raising awareness with the public, insurers, councils and others and by doing so you are helping to drive up safety standards.