Cycling Accidents Checklist

Cycling accidents are an all too common part of everyday life.  Perhaps you’ve been hit by a car or lorry, hit a pothole or slid on something on the road surface.  Either way coming off your bike, suffering injury is hard enough plus your cycle is damaged, but knowing exactly what is the right thing to do to make sure you get justice can be very confusing for those without specialist legal knowledge.

Here’s a few things you should do in the event of a cycling accident:

Exchange details

If you are in a position to do so then take down the name of the driver, registration number and make/model of vehicle that caused the cycle accident .   If you are taken by ambulance to hospital then the police should have taken down the details and recovered your damaged cycle.

Get witnesses to the cycling accident

However your cycle accident happened, if someone saw it then take down their name and number as a potential witness in any potential bike accident compensation claim . Your word alone is not ideal if the circumstances of the accident are disputed by the person you believe to have caused the bike accident.

Take photographs

If you are able to, take photographs of your damaged cycle, the vehicles involved or whatever caused your bike accident, the road markings and the surrounding area.  It is surprising how useful photographs can be in proving your case if liability is later disputed in a pushbike accident claim.

Always tell the police about cycling accidents

Any collision with a vehicle that results in a bike injury should be reported to the police.  Even if they weren’t called to the scene consider going to your local police station and reporting what happened – particularly if you believe your injuries were down to the recklessness of the driver. Plus they will be able to add the pushbike accident to their cycling accident statistics.

See a doctor

Even a minor cycle accident injury should be checked out by a doctor.  Concussion is deceptive, road-rash needs to be washed out properly, and many injuries can get worse without prompt diagnosis and treatment.

If you have instructed the team at CarryonCycling to obtain compensation for your cycle accident then we can arrange for you to have rehabilitative treatment on a private basis, at your convenience and at no cost to you.

Check your bike damage

Was your cycle damaged? Take photographs of any damaged items including clothing.  If your bike has taken an impact then it is worth taking it to a reputable cycle shop for them to check it over for cycle accident damage.  Cracked frames and bent components can be tricky to spot with the untrained eye. All this information can be used in support of any cycling accdient claim that you may make with a cycling  accident lawyer.

The team here at CarryonCycling have a network of cycle shops who will happily check out our clients’ bikes and give it a service at no cost to them.

Replace your  helmet

Even if there is no visible damage the strength of the helmet may have been compromised and should always be replaced after any cycling accidents.  If you pursue a claim for cycle accident injury compensation through us then we will include the cost of a replacement cycle helmet, as well as any other damaged bike items, as part of your accident compensation claim. 

Don’t talk to your opponent’s insurers

If you have been hit by a driver causing you a cycle injury, passed them your details then the chances are they will call you to discuss what happened.  While this may seem a nice gesture on their part, sometimes the information you provide them can be used against you.  Any offers of bike compensation, even if they appear generous, should be rejected.  Certainly do not sign any papers that they ask you to without speaking to a lawyer first who deals with bike accident compensation claims.  If you are in any doubt call our bike claims hotline or drop us an email and we will be happy to give you some free bike accident  claims advice with no obligation.